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Privilege Current Account (Higher Net worth Business)

A unique deposit product for business customers specially tailor made looking to customer’s requirements with added advantages. Customers having Privilege Current account save a lot on various charges and also earn interest.

Key benefits:
1.    Free statement of account twice in a month.
2.    Free signature verification once in three months.
3.    No folio charges.
4.    Free transfer of funds from one account to another account of same branch or other branch within Bank of Baroda (Botswana) Ltd & concession in transfer of salary payment.
5.    Free transfer of funds through EFT/RTGS from other banks in Botswana.
6.    Free/Concession in cash transaction charges.
7.    Sweep in/Sweep out facility available from Current to Call account and vice versa.
8.    Free net banking facility.
9.    Standing instructions facility available.

Above account can be opened by any individual, firms, companies, trusts, associations, Clubs, societies.
Concession in Cash transaction charges:
1.    If minimum balance is maintained BWP 50,000 & above: 50% concession of applicable rate on both for Cash deposit and Cash payment.
2.    If minimum balance is maintained BWP 100,000 & above: 100% concession on cash transaction charges both for cash deposit and cash payment.
Sweep in/Sweep out facility:
Sweep in/Sweep out facility is available on balance above BWP 50,000 or BWP 100,000 as per customer’s requests depending on whether he wishes to avail 50% concession or 100% concession in Cash transaction charges. Customer will earn interest as applicable for Call account. 
Other Charges:
Other charges remain as per tariff for normal Current account.