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Call Account

This product is designed for the deposit holders to enable them to deposit funds keep them liquid continue to earn interest and use the funds as and when needed.

Eligibility: Individuals, business firms, company, corporate, association, society etc.

Deposit amount
Minimum P1000
Maximum No Limit

Period: No minimum or maximum period is stipulated

Rate of interest Rests: Interest is paid on the outstanding balance in the account on daily basis and is paid at monthly intervals. However, balance less than P1000 does not attract interest

Special features:

  1. The customer can deposit money at any time.
  2. Withdrawals can be made in multiples of P 1000.
  3. No interest is payable if the balance in the account goes below P 1000 at the end of any day during the month.
  4. Special rates for deposit amount P0.50 mn and above.