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Rapid Funds to India

A unique and exclusive express remittance scheme specially designed for overseas Indians

Key Features:

  • Eligibility

               Any person having an account with any Bank in India

  • Limit

               There is no limit on maximum and minimum remittance

  • Time taken for credit into account in India

                  o Account with any branch of Bank of Baroda in India – Same day of remittance
                  o Account with any other bank in India- Second day of remittance –Second day of remittance
        Bank charges in Botswana

  1.   To Bank of Baroda branches in India -
       Minimum –P50, Maximum-P150 plus VAT

  2.   To other bank in India –0.25%minimum P40&maximum P250plus swift
       Charges and Vat

Bank charges in India: NIL