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Fixed Deposits

This product is made for the customer who prefer to keep fixed sum of money for a definite period of time at a fixed rate of interest

Eligibility: Individuals, business firms, company, association, society etc.

Deposit amount
Minimum P500
Maximum No Limit

Minimum 1 month
Maximum 36 month

Rate of interest: As applicable in deposit rates for one month and other periodic slots from time to time.

Prepayment facility is available. Rate of interest on prepayment will be 1%less than the applicable rate for the terms of deposit remained with the bank
Overdraft/ loan facility Interest rate
- Up to 90% of the deposit amount
- 2% over the deposit rate of interest applicable

Special features:

  1. Deposit can be renewed with interest on due date.
  2. The principal amount of deposit can be renewed and interest is paid separately to the customer
  3. The principal amount and interest due thereon will be paid to the customer on due date.
  4. Special rates for deposits of P0.5 mn and above.
  5. No cash deposit fee


Other terms and conditions

If the entire amount is withdrawn within one month from the date of deposit, no interest will be payable on deposit. However, if the deposit remains for a period exceeding one month prepayment may be considered with interest @1% below the rate applicable for the period for which the deposit has remained with the Bank.